Reforestation of the rainforest in Bolivia

In the center of South America, is one of the ten biodiversity hotspots in the world. With mountains over 6000m, the Andean highlands, the Chaco dry forest, flood plains and the Amazon, Bolivia has a great importance for the protection of our environment.

Support the re-greening of the riverine forests in the Amazon. These were cut down in the last decades for agricultural activities. The loss of riverine forests is partly responsible for heavy floods that destroy entire areas of land and threaten the home and food of 80 surrounding local communities.

Transparency and control through information

Since November 2013, WWF Germany has carried the TÜV seal “Certified Fundraising”. In November 2016, the TÜV-Thüringen issued the certificate for “Project Management” in the field of nature conservation. WWF also supports the “Transparent Civil Society” initiative, an initiative for transparency in non-profit organizations.

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